Personal Projects

Projeto UK

Creation of Projeto UK blog using WordPress, and all of the visual identity and content creation. This project is focused on sharing pieces of information about the UK: culture, economy, sightseeing, transport, the life in the UK and tips to learn English. The content is shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Achievements: with less than one month from the release, the page has already more than 130 followers, and the blog has more than 600 views.

Skills: Blogging, WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop

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Quanto Custa em Londres

Creation of the project Quanto Custa em Londres (How much is it in London?) on Instagram. I realized that a lot of people ask about prices in other channels, so I did this an opportunity to begin this project. It is focused to share the prices of London for whoever desires to live or travel to the city. Research, planning, content creation, photography and interaction with followers.

Achievements: during the first 2 months, the profile has got more than 600 followers.

Skills: Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator


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